Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Day 3 - The River of God

Glory to God! 

Today was the third day of our Heaven on Earth conference in Butuan. We are so impressed with all the guys that are working so hard to make this conference a blessing to all who come. One of the team members is Julius' brother, Aaron (standing next to Frances). We began with another special time of worship led by pastor Julius and his team. I then spoke on our need to be continuously filled with the Holy Spirit for us to overflow with heaven on earth. Looking then at the gospel of grace, I showed how one can explain the gospel using the word G.R.A.C.E. and the need for us to live the gospel and preach it! After a short break we looked at how the message of the gospel is received with power, deep conviction and the Holy Spirit to produce the fruit of the Kingdom of Heaven.

During the lunch break we enjoy fellowshipping with the pastors and hearing some amazing testimonies of God's grace, provision and miracles. After lunch Frances spoke on stepping into the River of God and how the believer must seek to come to a place of absolute surrender to be carried by the Spirit. After our coffee break I spoke on renewing one's mind with the word of God and how to resist the lies of satan. We then offered to pray for the group and many came forward for prayer. Once again the Lord ministered powerfully to the people as they  received deep emotional healing as well as physical healing as they fell under the power of God. We then got some of the Bible School students to soak the people in prayer who were still under the power. We spent time with each dear soul and prophesied over each person. Words of knowledge were given and clearly spot on as people responded inmediately to the Father's words. It was simply amazing and very moving as I held some of the people as they sobbed in my arms. Oh how the Father loves these people!

After over 2 hours of ministry we went back to the hotel to quickly get changed before embarking on a mini adventure by ourselves to the local (and only) shopping mall. We saw some interesting misplaced things like Ritter Sport and Ferrero Rocher as well as a corner in the shop where behind a counter filled with Hostias (communion wafers used in catholic churches) was a selection of wines and other alcoholic beverages. After a quick supper we made our way back to the hotel with a local tricycle. 

It has been another amazing day with God. Tomorrow we will be looking at releasing and imparting the Kingdom of Heaven through serving and then Frances and I will wash everyone's feet. I can't wait!

 "There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the Holy Place where the Most High dwells." Psalm 46:4 

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