Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Building Kingdom Culture

On Tuesday evening we spent time with KLB's core group, teaching them the essence of what it means to live the kingdom life. It was wonderful to see how the truth was setting them free as they received spiritual revelation of their identity in Christ. Having come from a more traditional background that still teaches progressive sanctification and essentially salvation by works, we showed them that we are sanctified the moment we are joined to Christ because we are joined to the Holy One who is our Righteousness. It was an amazing time as we literally witnessed veils being lifted off their eyes. Hallelujah!

Yesterday we spent the morning and afternoon with the core group and continued to teach them the essential values of Kingdom Life that form Kingdom culture, which are:

Belong - Faith - Alignment
Relationship - Love - Purpose
Identity - In Christ - Union
Devotion - Worship - Service
Expectation - Hope - Kingdom

In the afternoon, after treating everyone to a Bo's coffee, we taught the group how to minister in the Spirit, showing them how to pray for people in such a way as to make room for the Spirit to do His work and colabouring with Him. It was a powerful time as God ministered to each of them as we demonstrated how to pray for others.

We then had a couple hours break before we went to visit pastor Jonathan's church in the evening. As part of their weekly prayer meeting, we were invited to minister to them. During the worship I received a prophetic word for the people and shared
a message about how God sees us and that we must learn to live for the audience of One. The Lord's presence was tangible and many were deeply ministered to during the sermon. It was a very special evening and I praise God for speaking right to the core of the needs of the people. God truly sees us and knows what we need.

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