Friday, 25 July 2014


On Thursday afternoon we had another planning meeting with Julius and Roszel after which we went to KLB together to celebrate Julius' birthday. It was a lot of fun as we shared food together and honoured Julius on his special day. One of the highlights was a whole pig, what they call a Lechon. It was devoured within minutes!

Yesterday we had a leisurely morning before making our way to the Butuan orphanage that has been relocated until the present orphanage building in Butuan has been renovated. The interim building is a deserted and basically unfinished building where the children have a roof over their heads, and that is about it! It is a building site and the conditions are disgraceful. The orphanage building that is being renovated isn't much better and part of  KLB's vision is to eventually be able to build a home for abandoned children and orphans so that they can live in a safe environment and be fed and educated to give them a hope and a future. It simply breaks one's heart to see abandoned children and infants! I played a fun game with them that I taught them and for a moment I think they could escape their circumstances and have fun together. After a short word of encouragement we had food for them that KLB had prepared in the morning. It was an emotional visit but I praise God that He is the God of all comfort who comforts widows and orphans.

In the evening KLB had their first ever city outreach and set up a stage with sound and light systems to rock Butuan. The worship team did a fantastic job releasing the rhythm of heaven over Butuan and I shared the Gospel of the Kingdom with the many people that stood around the city centre square. We invited people for prayer to be touched by Jesus and many responded to the call. It was very exciting to see people being touched by God's Spirit. Some testified to feeling God's presence in the area of their bodies that were sick and a couple of people fell over under God's power. All this happenend in the centre of Butuan as many young KLB guys, dressed in their blue KLB T-shirts could be seen mingling with the observers and participants. Jesus' name was being made famous and KLB is building His reputation in Butuan! Hallelujah!

This morning was spent with the worship team and Frances and I taught them some of the basic principles of how we lead worship and why we do what we do. After a couple of hours of teaching, we spent some time practising entering God's presence together. These guys are hungry for God and fast learners. It was not long before we had entered God's presence together and God made His presence known. We are excited to see where KLB will take the principles we have shown them further as they develop their own expression and form of the essence of worship.

I praise God for the transformation that is already taking place as people are being touched one by one with God's presence and love. As KLB gets hold of the essence of the Kingdom we will see a steady transformation in the lives of the people here. Hallelujah!

This afternoon Frances will have a session with the young women of the church and this evening we will be teaching the church about Life Groups, their purpose and function within the church. I wonder what I will do with my free afternoon...Bo's or Robinsons? Maybe I can find some more strange things they sell here...

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