Friday, 9 July 2010


As the plane broke through the clouds and we approached Hong Kong airport I couldn't help thinking how this prophetic picture was symbolic of heaven invading earth as I determined in my heart to be available to God to further His Kingdom wherever and whenever. I had a 12 hour layover in Hong Kong so I set my face toward the city centre, ready for an adventure with God.

After walking around and exploring the streets I came across a small garden that led up to a buddist temple. In front of the temple there were a few beggars and some locals enjoying the cool shade of the willow-like trees. As I sat and drank my water I observed how the worshippers entered and exited the temple, paying no attention to the beggars. After a while I felt prompted to go over to a cripple in a wheel chair to speak to him. After explaining that God loves him he gave me permission to pray for him and lay my hands on him. After a short prayer I could see he was touched by the attention he received. Jesus took notice of him!

I then wandered around some more and stumbled across a Christian Book store. I went in and had a wonderful time of fellowship, sharing the Word and praying with the precious Chinese shop owner. After some dim sum for a late lunch I made my way back to the airport to continue my journey to Manila and then Butuan the next morning.

I arrived in Butuan this morning and was welcomed by Pastor Berwyn and some members of his extended family with a huge banner. After lunch and checking into the hotel in Butuan we made our way to his village, Mabini, to see the church building and to visit Berwyn's home. Around the church building (which is about 80 meters squared) I met a lot of the locals and particularly a large number of children. I received quite a few inquisitive stares but was blessed by the openness, friendliness and receptivity of the people. At Berwyn's home I met his wife, Liberty and their two children as well as Berwyn's mother-in-law who is suffering from gout and arthritis. After ministering to her with Berwyn she told us she felt God touch her body as we prayed over her. Glory to God!

Later this evening 3 more young women visited Berwyn's family and we had supper together. After an interesting meal I felt prompted to prophesy over the 3 girls and was deeply moved by the Spirit concerning God's heart to restore the honour and dignity of the Philippine women. It was another very special time in the Lord's presence and I am excited about what God is going to do tomorrow.

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