Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Dear Pastor Richard,

We were not able to go with you to the airport in Butuan to say thanks for all that you have done in our lives but our prayer will always with you that God will keep you always with His loving arms. Please greet and say thanks to your brethren and family for us as they allowed you to come to the Philippines to blessed us with food for our stomach but most of all the food for our souls.

Your visitation in the Philippines is a great blessing to our people, to our church, to my family and to me personally. I really touch by the love of the father through your kindness and humbleness you have showed to us. Since I become a Christian I don't seen leaders or pastors washing the feet of the brethren even from the leaders of the group which I am connected. I am learned now how the father loves me through His son Jesus Christ. The truth you share to us it encourage me with eagerness to desire for more of His presence and the revelation about Jesus. As you continue to teach us the more I know Him the more I honor Him and praise Him and I see myself very little and unworthy but praise God that Jesus is in me and I in Jesus as you have said many times during your seminar. I am forever accepted of the father because He sees Jesus as my righteousness, holiness, health and my success. Hallelujah!

I am very grateful to Pastor Berwyn also for his big heart not only for the lost souls but for the leaders like me. He didn't forget us when he is blessed with spiritual blessing as well as material blessing. He always encourage us to attend the "Prophetic Leadership Seminar." His heart is really a heart of a leader and he is faithful friend from the little children even to the leaders. Yesterday he is like angel sent by God to meet our needs, God really knows what we need. During our devotional hour early in the morning I used to ask prayer request from the children and I notice that from that day is the exam of the children from college to the high school and they really need money to go to the school. It seems that I tempted to worry but praise the Lord pastor Berwyn show up from the airport with smiling face and I surprise when he shake hands to me there is white envelope as I open it wow! there is blessing inside. Praise the Name of Jesus! My wife is very happy and excited and want me to go Cabadbaran to buy fish and medicine for her diabetic maintenance. And the rest of the money that Pastor Berwyn give are for the children for the next two days. Pastor Berwyn is really a blessing to me, to my family even to the body of Christ. Pastor Richard, we are so happy that you keep in touch with this young man that have a heart for God like you have. For all the spiritual and material blessing you have given to us, all of these things will not go unnoticed to our heavenly Father.

May the Lord bless your ministry, your people and family always.

With our love and prayers,

Pastor Memucan Lumba

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