Saturday, 10 July 2010

Let the little children...

Today I spent the morning with Pastor Berwyn, encouraging him and equipping him by giving him spiritual revelation and Kingdom principles - tools to work with to continue to build when I leave again. We then traveled to Mabini and had lunch at Berwyn's brother-in-law's home where he was celebrating his birthday with family and friends. We had a traditional roast pig and lots of sea food and I got to meet some more of the people in the community.

At 2pm we were supposed to begin the church service but Berwyn explained that in the Philippines it is common for people to come over an hour late. So the meeting "began" at 2pm with a room full of children on plastic chairs waiting for some action. There were about 30 little ones present so I began to play with them and very quickly had their complete attention. I then told them the story of Lazarus with all the actions I could think of as well as the story of Peter throwing the net on the other side of the boat and catching many fish. I was amazed! I had the children's attention for over an hour and was able to communicate that Jesus gives life and that when we depend on ourselves we will only catch one fish but when we depend on Jesus, we will catch a whole net full. It was a wonderful and most thrilling experience as well as a lot of fun and laughter!

At around 3pm the adults began filtering in and after a time of worship in song I preached and ministered to these precious people for over 2 hours. The Lord was present and the Holy Spirit touched the lives of those who came forward to receive from God. One man gave his life to the Lord and I prophesied over almost everyone, revealing God's compassion and love for these poor and broken people. The Lord affirmed and declared His abundant love to them and they were deeply touched and encouraged.

I praise God for His faithfulness and outpouring of love.

Tomorrow I will be ministering at another church and I am looking forward to what God will do!

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