Thursday, 22 July 2010


We are so blessed with your life... Indeed, we really see that God is really at work in you and He blesses you so much. Thanks for your kindness to all of us. We appreciate it very much.... BY the way, you know Pastor, I forgot to tell you and to thank you for praying for me. Remember, when we were in Dotties, I had a very bad headache and my eyes were swelling already due to sinusitis? You know after you prayed for me,everything back to normal. I can really testify it coz before every time that I had a sinusitis and its really bad, it will really take 2 weeks to 3 weeks or sometimes a month before it will be cure. The last sinusitis that I had that really last for almost 1 and half month was last December until January 2010. It was really bad coz I almost had a very bad headache everyday and I can't even concentrate in my work. But now, thank you so much. God is really using you to blessed other people. God is so great to us. His is so powerful and do miraculous things unto us. Thank you very much Pastor.

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