Thursday, 15 July 2010

Preparing the Ground

Today I spent the day with Pastor Berwyn and his family. We went to the local beach for lunch and in the afternoon Berwyn and I scouted the area to get an idea of what God has in store for the ministry here. Berwyn has it on his heart to provide a proper facility for the children in this area in order to educate them and provide for their physical needs. There is a real need here to look after these poor children (of which there are many) and provide them with some form of stability to give them hope in life. The goal is also to reach the parents with whom relationships will be formed as the children are connected to the ministry. This already happens when Berwyn has enough resources to be able to feed a group of children and share God's love and Truth with them (sometimes only twice a year). The children love Mabini Christian Fellowship and know that they are loved and accepted and can even get some food there sometimes. As we travel along the roads here there are literally hundreds of little children around, playing on the streets. Apparently this nation is over productive and the government has had to address the issue of using birth control in order to try and reduce the growing birth rate. Many religious groups however do not allow birth control and therefore the issue still remains! The short clip reveals the amount of kids at the beach and this is not the weekend! When the children saw me filming, they started to get really excited...

Tomorrow we have an appointment with the Mayor of Cabadbaran. The purpose of our meeting will be to create a relationship between the Mayor and Pastor Berwyn and to simply make him aware of the work that Mabini Christian Fellowship is doing and desires to expand. We also want him to know that we are praying for him and that he has our support as a leader in this nation. God is at work here! Hallelujah!

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