Thursday, 21 July 2011

Saved, healed and delivered

Glory to God! Today started with a visit to the police station and the office of the mayor of Buena Vista, a town near Butuan. I was asked to lead a devotional with a small group of policemen and police women. It was quite an experience to share God's Word with a congregation of armed men! I am glad I didn't offend them. I spoke to them about divine authority as it relates to faith and how submission to authority in the natural is the evidence of true submission in the spiritual. After God's Word to them, I prayed for each person in the room. They were visibly blessed and then I was taken to the mayor's office to share a devotional with the office workers. I was led to speak to them about how David knew the Lord personally as his Shepherd and that when we trust in the Lord as the One to lead and guide us, we will experience rest and protection.

We were scheduled to meet the mayor himself but apparently there was a change of plan so we proceeded to a tiny church in a very rural area outside Buena Vista. About 15 people (including children) attended and I spoke to them about the Father's love. I was prompted by the Spirit to ask if anyone wanted to give their life to the Lord and all of the people came forward. I double checked with pastor Berwyn whether they understood what I was asking and he confirmed twice that they were indeed responding to the offer of salvation! Hallelujah! I subsequently found out that the church is new and that some present were there for the first time! Praise God!

We then made our way back to Buena Vista and passed a coconut production area where workers were taking the shells off the coconuts, splitting them and leaving them to dry on the ground. We then had lunch in Buena Vista and while we waited for the chicken to be ready that was roasting right beside our table, I was asked to share another devotional with the church members that joined us for lunch. I shared an encouraging message on clinging to God from Psalm 63.

After lunch we made our way to the coast to meet a group of fishermen who had formed a fishermen association (not fishermen's friends) that I was to speak at. As it was still raining, we met in a tiny hut amidst other huts and boats and so about 20 of us huddled in the tiny room. The fishermen were very attentive as I shared the Gospel very simply with them and

subsequently asked whether anyone wanted to give their life to God. To my astonishment and delight, all the people stood and gave their lives to Jesus! In my message to them I had explained how Jesus proved the truth with miracles and His resurrection, so I invited those of them who were sick to be prayed for to be healed. Three precious souls came forward and Jesus healed each one of them. I asked them to test whether the affected areas were healed,

and they were overjoyed to discover that they were healed. They were so surprised that they kept testing their healing whilst we prayed for others. It was absolutely brilliant to then observe those who were healed tell about and demonstrate their healing to their friends! I believe their whole village will be affected by today's demonstration of God's Kingdom! Hallelujah!

We then proceeded back to Butuan where I was asked to visit the mayor's wife who was stationed in intensive care after having undergone surgery but with subsequent complications. We went in to see her and layed hands on her. She was visibly moved by the love we demonstrated and I am sure the Lord touched her body. At the hospital, I found this amusing sign in the hospital chapel...

After a couple of hours back at the hotel with pastor Berwyn, where we continued to discuss the future of the ministry in Mabini and KLF's support, we made our way back to Buena Vista to attend an evening church meeting. About 12 of us gathered in a small chapel-like room to worship God and enjoy His Word and His presence together. I shared on the parable of the sower and the difference between natural faith and spiritual faith. After the message I prayed for these precious people and prophesied over some of them. The Lord was present and there were many tears. After I had prayed for each person, the pastor of the church asked people to share what God was doing. One lady confirmed the prophetic words I had shared and another shared that the oppression she had previously suffered from was lifted after I prayed for her.

It truly has been a day of salvation and a day of God's favour. Now I am bushed but tomorrow I can rest as I only have a meeting in the evening.

"When Jesus had called the twelve together, he gave them power and authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases, and he sent them out to preach the Kingdom of God and to heal the sick." Luke 9:1,2


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