Tuesday, 11 July 2017

A Day of Rest and Reflection

A day of reflection came on our Monday. We were all given the opportunity to rest, but Andreas still chose to share his incredible testimony at 5:30am on radio. What a powerful testimony it was! 

I personally was going with Pastor Roszel to go have my hair done, because it's super cheap here, but also to bound with the wonderful woman of God that she is. Unfortunately at that point it didn't work out to do my hair, but I was blessed with the opportunity to be able to spend time with Pastor Roszel, and later Dani Mae too. As a child of ministry we were able to connect on many things, even so early in our relationship we are able to understand each other without even audibly communicating at points. The coffee and food was delicious, but I enjoyed the fellowship far more.

After us three quickly popped over to the market to pick up more fruit for me, and then joined up with the others to have some bonding with the Regalas.

The sightseeing afternoon ended with the tastiest meal at their home, and the day off was well needed and enjoyed. The whole KLF team rested well that night.

Yesterday was also a day of reflection for me. This last month before coming to the Philippines personally has been really difficult for me, and I've felt really exhausted and tested. I prayed that God would refresh my perspective on what I'm doing with my life, to show me the purpose of what I do in my everyday life, and then to show what should be removed when it is taking away from that. 

God has been faithful, and He reminds of His truths each day. He again reminded me of how Pastor Richard Maybery and I were going to travel to India together in the November after I turned 16, and how we had prepared for it for years. I was reminded by how broken I was that I would never have the experience with him after he passed away. God told me then that He would be faithful. 

I smile now at 18, being led to the Philippines by another Pastor Richard M., knowing that God has kept His promises. That all that laid (and lays) heavily on my heart will be released by my Father who cares for me.

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