Friday, 14 July 2017

Leaving my Heart in the Philippines

With a little bit of a blues singer's voice (thanks dry air conditioning in my room) I headed over to share on a national radio station about "Preserving the Next Generation." Though my voice was scratchy I really enjoyed being able to share a theme that is really close to my heart. That if young people could see the powerful voice that God had equipped them with, that they would never again stay silent but to roar for the Kingdom. I hope that my message even reached one person, that those seeds sown will be reaped with sweet and wonderful fruits.

Jonnalyn, Pastora Roszel and I left after the radio meeting at 5:30 am to have coffee and share our hearts. Each day I get to know these people more and more, and each day it gets even harder to think that I soon have to leave them. I enjoyed being able to share about anything, feeling that I've known them for years, and not merely a few days. 

Threreafter Christina and I took part in a fun photo shoot, being spoiled with a makeup artist, costumes, and the best company and photographers. It was enjoyed, even if I'm quite the awkward model.

I ended up spending my whole day at Kingdom Life Butuan instead of going back to the hotel. I laughed, sang, made jokes and told stories with everyone, continuing to build the relationships that have beautifully started and formed. 

Aris hadn't been well, so I led the girls' life group with Pastora Roszel. Oh my, the girls are just lovely. I shared on the Proverbs 31 woman and how it relates to us in a modern world. That God created us with our unique strength and beauty, and He will equip us with all we need for each and every step we take. 

In the evening we once again ministered to the street kids and then spent time with the volunteers, and I fall more in love with all of them again. Jesus really has really been overflowing into me and my love then overflows. What a blessing! I don't think that I could really want to leave - or more so I know that I must come back.

The night ended with a "not so great" mango shake for me, but a great meal and  company with Pastor Julius, Pastora Roszel, Andreas and myself. It really touched my heart when Pastor Julius shared that he could really see me living here for six months and working here, because in many ways I feel the same. God will guide the way!

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