Tuesday, 11 July 2017

My Unique Upbringing

I found myself yesterday continuing to reflect on the blessing I've had, and how I was fully equipped by how I was raised. Naturally I could never ignore my convictions, that what breaks my heart could never be ignored, because how I saw my parents go after that. I could never sit back and do nothing, because I have a knowledge of the need of the world. My heart breaks and therefore I must do. 

But what I'm learning more about myself in this time is that my pastoral heart and my heart for preaching had fully been encouraged too by the leadership of Pastor Richard Maybery. The way he called out my purpose in me before I could even see it. We had plans to go to India together and he always told me he was training me to be his next pastor, though at that time I just thought it was funny. From a very young age he challenged me with theology and books that most six year olds probably never would have access to it, but he would sit and explain it to me until I understood. He believed in me before I saw what he believed.

I remember the crushing feeling of knowing I'd never have that trip with him, that my whole childhood of training with him felt like it had gone to waste. I wish he could see me now. I hope he would be proud to see me preaching and doing what he encouraged to me to do what he does in the Philippines. 

Going to the tribal churches and having the opportunity to preach and meet the people, I can preach and lead from my heart as if I'd been doing it my whole life, because of my unique upbringing. I'm continue to be grateful. 

Christina also was able to preach yesterday at one of the churches, and we were both blessed by the openness of the members. Their hearts and ways.

My day, with Andreas, ended with a challenged of trying Bulat with some of my KLB friends after a Facebook comment thread. I'm always willing to try something because I want to fully explore the culture, but yesterday was really a sacrifice. A sacrifice was worth it though to continue building the wonderful friendships I've made. 

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