Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Through the Eyes of a Child

Saturday // For whatever reason, I found it really difficult for the first time to fully experience God's presence. I just couldn't get into the space that I'd been getting into the previous days, where it felt like I'd get lost in another realm when experiencing the love of Jesus, and it took me a while usually to adjust back to reality. But then, I struggled and I felt a heaviness.

At some point during the morning service, this beautiful little boy came up to me and just laid his hands on my legs. He held my hands during worship and just cuddled up to me, looking up at me and repeating the word "Gwapa" (which means beautiful), over and over again. This interaction melted my heart, and God showed me the awe He has for me and His children. 

I spontaneously decided to join the kids program as Aris shared in the main service, and then the Spirit led me to teach them songs and lead the lesson, though this just felt like a normal and natural thing to do. Only later did I realise the impact it may have had. At the end of the service the children sang the "I am special" song I taught them. I realised again they blessing it is that Jesus would use me to show the worth they have, that they belong to Him. My heaviness was realised and I felt a gentle touch of Him.

Thereafter we shared an incredibly delicious meal with Pastor Berwyn and his family, and I enjoyed how we all had the opportunity to share hearts with each other. Liberty, Pastor Berwyn's wife, prepared some sweet things we reminded me of treats I would have back in Cape Town. Oh, this trip has really made me feel at home but made me feel homesick all at the same time.

One of my favourite parts of the trip was going to Ambago to work with the kids. They made it home for me in many ways, and there "don't forget me" comments hit my heart in every direction. All I wanted was to stay with them. I love them.

God showed me His love and was faithful on a day that I felt I couldn't feel Him. His love never fails.

The evening ended with some preparations for the KLB anniversary, and I just enjoyed every moment with the wonderful people I've built meaningful relationships and friendships with. They have my heart and how I wish I wouldn't to always be so far from them. My heart now has another home.

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