Friday, 7 July 2017

The Overflow

I have thought that I could possibly make a good missionary, because in many ways I am simple to please and there aren't too many have must-have-requirements to live in a certain place (obviously besides the fact that God would have called you and stirred you to do so). For me one of these things that would be a "must-have" is access to good coffee or a good coffee location, which is one of the first things I asked when heading towards the Philippines. My request has been satisfied by a quaint coffee shops called "Bo's Coffee" and this where I will probably start most of my days on this trip after breakfast. 

Yesterday morning, our first full day in Butuan, we left caffeinated and excited for the day ahead. We travelled with the team do different home visits yesterday and to bless and pray for those who we met. However I left each home feeling blessed and touched by the anointing that was in those homes, and by how freely people give. It's always humbling to see how people give so freely even when they have nothing, and what a loving gesture that is. 

One home visit in particular touched and broke my heart at the same moment. A little girl at one of the homes came over to me when I asked if she'd like to sit to me, and then I offered a hug (because they should always give consent). She took it and just held on. For the duration of that visit we just sat in an embrace. She completely relaxed in my arms and at  a particular moment turned to me and said "I love you." My heart melted and the love of my own for her and the love of Jesus for her just overflowed.

After lunch we headed to this market where we had the best mangoes and avocados, and more! Christina and I weee particularly overjoyed.

With happy spirits we headed to an orphanage where KLB serves each Friday. Again, I was amazed by willing and eager the children were to partake in what we had to offer. The children there were also so wanting affection and love. We soon realised it was one of the boys there had his birthday on that day, and when he was prayed for he cried - because it was the first time anyone had ever celebrated his birthday. Me being me, I cried. I cried and my heart again was filled with love.

The night closed with home groups and fellowship, and then a meal at Captain Shrimp with the Regalas. 

A full day, but by no means left empty thereafter. 

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