Monday, 17 July 2017


I've attempted time and time again the past weekend to write another blogpost, and I was unable to bring myself to do it. I never comprehended that I would fall so in love with this city and this country, and each time I tried to start my heart would break into further pieces as I thought about leaving I would start crying. 

Well now I'm still crying, but at the airport as we prepare to board our possibly delayed plane to Manila and then to Hongkong, then lastly Frankfurt. Right now it feels though I will probably cry the whole trip back, but I also hope that I will get some rest. 

The more and more I reflect, the more and more I'm amazed how in such a short space of time that I would feel so at home and loved and make family. I am the type of person who feels everything deeply, and I knew it would hurt when I would leave, but this is a new level that I've never experienced before. I found family and friends, and I leave so incredibly blessed by the experiences, memories and relationships made. 

I will catch up and write posts about the last weekend still for the next few days, I just couldn't bring myself to do it just yet. I'm rather heartbroken right now, but I truly believe this isn't the last time I'll come here. My heart has a huge chunk which is being left behind here.

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