Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Awakening to a Calling

I was delighted to wake up realising I had slept through the night after successfully keeping myself up till to nine thirty the night before to try my best to adjust to the time zone. That did mean being awake already at six when I could've slept a bit longer, but I still felt rested. Still a bit strange eating breakfast at around 3am for my body's internal clock, but the service and people have been so lovely here. I'm already in love with this country! The warmth and friendliness feels like a bit of a taste of the culture I miss from South Africa when I'm not there.

This trip has already been such a testimony to what God is stirring in even just my life. For me especially it was special to have one of our layovers be in Hong Kong, as my first ever missions trip had been there when I'd been only six months with parents back in the YWAM days. I'm a person who appreciates symbols and this for me was significant, as I came to cross it on my first missions trip now as an "adult" (the quotations are being used, because I still feel like a child with much to learn - but I serve a God who enables me). I just last week received a word that Jesus would enable me to roar powerfully like a lion and passionately share His love. 

We leave to Butuan airport in around 30 minutes, and I cannot wait to see this all come to be - after buying some good coffee though, I'm in need. 

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