Sunday, 9 July 2017

Mother of Nations

When I was ten years old I was prophesied over according to my name. Not only about it's meaning, God is my teacher, but also how like Abraham who travelled to the land of Moriah I would be a mother of nations. A rather intense word for a ten year old to receive and I didn't really know what to do with it.

For some reason I hadn't been reminded of it until I was preparing for Sunday's preach again yesterday. That what I'm doing right now is part of fulfilling the promises God had given me, and how humbling it's been. I feel deeply connected to myself at this point because I know I'm busy living what God called me today.

Yesterday's full day started with home visits. I love how Kingdom Life Butuan serves its community and church, and how they truly are an example of kingdom living. From prayers to prophecies being spoken over it's members, I strongly felt Jesus guide all the wonders that happened. Alongside Him reaffirming the passions and desires of my hearts. I feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to be planting seeds for the kingdom of God. 

I mention often that I live and love deeply. It's easy for me to fall in love with a country - it's culture, ways, and people - in a heartbeat! I also truly mean it. God has given me a deep ability to love and i wish nothing but to continue to live that out.

That love and word spoken over me came into full play when we worked with the street kids, leading them again with ministry. They broke my heart as they asked me never to forget them and to please stay, and honestly I wish I could stay in many ways and I know I would never forget them. How could I? They now have a piece of my heart that I would never be able to return.

This day ended with fellowship with wonderful leaders of the church who too have my heart. I cannot help but repeat how much I am in love with the Philippines, because I truly am, and I'm continually given reasons to fall deeper. Including a massage that converts to only 5€! The overflow is truly here in the Philippines (haha). 

Honestly, I will probably hurt when I have to go home, even though I love Frankfurt too. But I already know at some point I will have to find my way back to Butuan.

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