Thursday, 6 July 2017

In Love Already

As I predicted yesterday before arriving, I'm already in love with this country! Besides the fact that this South African girl was overjoyed by Cinnabon at the Manila airport (seriously, Frankfurt, y'all need to work on that), any Jetlag was immediately kicked aside but the beautiful welcome we received from the KLB family here. It was as if I was returning home, even though this is my first time meeting any of them.

We went from the airport to share in fellowship at the Gerry's Grill, which I'm told is a tradition for these trips. The food was great but the company was even greater, and all I could really do was be in awe of how clearly God had chosen for us to all to be together. He is deliberate!

After a water and banana pickup from the shops and drop off at our hotel, we headed off to meet the Streets Kids which KLB serve food to and minister to. My heart has already given pieces to all those  kids and seeing their response to what was shared about Jesus and their eagerness to learn new songs and games despite it not being their mother tongue was beyond refreshing to experience.

I left my first night with a new hairstyle and my heart full with the Father's love for all of them.

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